Mamma e Papà sono qui!

So much has happened in the past few days that I cannot even wrap my mind around it.  I guess I’ll start from the beginning.  On Thursday morning, I woke up at 7:30 AM, the time that my parent’s plane was supposed to land.  I decided to not go to my first class (9:00-12:00) so that I could wait for them to arrive at my apartment.  I was wondering where they were and then I got a call around 9:45 AM.  It was my mom telling me that they were still at the airport and that their baggage was lost!! It was apparently in Boston, where they had a layover.  So, I told my mom to get a taxi to my apartment which is about 45 minutes from the airport.  She said okay so I sat on the balcony for 3 hours to wait for them to come in.

I was getting increasingly anxious and worried because I had no way of contacting them and I had no idea what was taking them so long.  They finally arrived and told me they had gotten on a bus from the airport that took them the wrong way… they were not in a good mood because of their bad experience and I felt bad because I had to go to class in less than an hour.  I took them for their first cappuccino and then I had to say goodbye to go to my other 3 classes.

When I got back, I cooked them a delicious dinner J I made them fresh pasta with mushrooms and zucchini for the first course and a chicken dish for the second plate.  They really enjoyed it and I was happy to show off my cooking skills for them.  My dad didn’t feel well so he immediately fell asleep after dinner.   Me and my mom walked to  the Vatican and she got her first gelato at my favorite place.  She loved it.  I showed her St. Peter’s Basilica and then a little more of the city before we went back to the residence (they rented a room there, my apartment is there too).  Oh, also, the room they got was for 7 people and was a huge apartment with a wrap around balcony! I was jealous. Oh yes, by the way, my parents luggage never arrived at the Rome airport but Italia airlines promised they would deliver it by 9 am  the following day.

Our journey began the next day on a plane to Bari in southern Italy.   Of course the luggage never arrived at the Bari destination and  the hotel clerk said that alItalia airlines had called and that  it would be at our next stop in Napoli the next day as it was my parents  third day they still had the same clothes on.  I had some things like socks and underwear and shirts for my mom, but I only had one shirt that fit my dad.  Bari was on the coast and we had beautiful weather.  On the first day we took about 3 mile walk near the coast taking pictures and enjoying the very different sights which were a mix between Italian, desert, and Mexican.  There were cacti and lizards which I never see in Rome.  We were starving and ate at the first and only restaurant we came across.  We had a delicious pasta dinner me and my mom drank wayyy too much wine haha.  We were having a great time just walking around checking out local residences and the seaview along the way.

We walked back to the hotel very tired, so we all took a 2 hour nap.  When we woke up we decided to stay in for the night and plan for the next day.  We ordered a room service meal that was delicious and shared it. Pasta with clams, fresh fish and crustini bread.  Dessert was a crème brulee topped with Chamord Raspberry Liqueur (My Mom told me)   We had a train leaving from Bari to Naples at 4 PM, so we explored Bari from 7 AM until the time we had to catch the train.  Bari was really cool.   There were really cool seaports and people selling huge live squid.  I insisted that my mom and dad eat their first Italian pizza for lunch.

We walked around the city all day and it was painful because we checked out of the hotel early in the morning and had to carry all of our stuff because the hotel was outside of the city.  When it came time to go to the train station me and my mom walked up to the kiosk to print our train tickets to Napoli which I had already ordered.  There was about 5 young guys standing at the kiosk next to us and came up to my mom and ask where we were going to help us.  I said no, but my mom said Napoli which was the biggest mistake ever.  I told him we didn’t want his help and continued to print the tickets on my own.  The train didn’t leave for a couple hours so we went to a caffe nearby for a cappuccino.  When it was time to board the train, I realized I had booked the tickets for the next day by accident!! I was standing in line with my mom waiting to change my tickets for the train leaving 30 minutes from then. My mom noticed the same kid that asked where we were going before was behind us trying to steal something out of my purse! I turned around and yelled at him and my dad ran in from smoking a cigarette outside and things got a little heated.  We went outside to tell the police and they didn’t seem to care.  So we decided to run to our platform to catch our train without the men noticing (there were about 10 of them inside the station in a group).

They didn’t see us board but we realized they knew where we were going because previously my mom told them Napoli when they “pretended” to help us at the kiosk.  We got on the train and sat down.  My dad and I told my mom to wait with our stuff while we went to get the police to make sure none of the men got on the train with us.  When we were standing outside of the train waiting for the police, two of the men walked up and down the train until the saw my mom and quickly tried to get on the same car as her!! My dad quickly followed and got her off the train before they got to her or I don’t know what would have happened.  I don’t even want to think of it.  I was so scared for my life that I literally peed my pants because I thought we were going to get stabbed.  There were so many of these men, they were from North Africa.  … I am not even writing all the details and I don’t even feel like typing any more… this is so long.  Tonight’s my 21st birthday.


… Part 2 of this entry.


Right now I am  back in room in Rome laying in my bed before I fall asleep.  The bad luck didn’t stop yet.  We decided to go to the airport in Bari instead of taking a train and fly to Naples.  When we got to the airport they said that since it was so close (a 3 hour drive) they had no flights going there! So we were forced to rent a car.

We were driving to Naples and the gps we rented through Hertz died, and the only charging port in the car was broken.  We were 100 km outside of Naples and had no idea where to go.  Long story short, it was a really bad night and it took us 6 hours to find the hotel from Bari instead of 2.  I’m sick of talking about misfortune so now I’ll tell you all the good stuff that has happened from that point on.  We finally knew for sure that their luggage that was lost (5 days earlier) was at the Naples airport.  So we took the rental car to the airport  mand their luggage was there! We didn’t love Naples so we decided to drive to Pompei which was 30 minutes away.  It was beautiful there.  No words to describe it.  After a few minutes we left for Sorrento, another beautiful 25 minute drive along the coast.

This small town was our main destination because my dad works with wood and this is the most famous place in the world that makes inlayed wooden music boxes.  He was in heaven there.  We had a great time, and stayed in a really cool hotel.  We ate a great dinner together, and the next day we went on a fairy to the isle of Capri at 7:45 AM.  My dad left to go back and work with one of the Italian woodworkers so they could teach him the trade! It was great.

Me and my mom took a bus up a mountain on a scary road to Ana Capri which was a really cool village.  There we saw a beautiful church with a handpainted floor.  Me and my mom took the fairy back to Sorrento and met up with my dad.  Instead of driving to Naples to catch our train we decided to take the rental car all the way from Sorrento to Rome.  It was about a 3 hour drive with beautiful views.  I was really glad my parents finally had clean clothes and were happier haha.

We got back into Rome yesterday (my birthday) and I took them to Augusto, my favorite restaurant in Roma.  We ate a delicious dinner and had a really good time together.  I enjoyed showing the some of my favorite parts of city.  They are here until Sunday so I will write about the adventures of the days to come in the next post.


A dopo!




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  1. Jess

    Wow, I can’t even believe all of that stuff happened to you, its like a movie! I am so relieved that everything worked out OK now and also kind of glad that I didn’t know all that crap was going on because I would have been so worried. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Love and miss you!!


    March 30, 2011 at 2:27 am

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